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Concrete Mix Designs

Over our 25 year history, we have developed over 100 bespoke concrete mix designs to solve our customers’ demands. Using advanced design chemical technologies, we continue to advance the science and art of concrete to suit your needs. Gone are the days (for us at least) of adding water to help the concrete flow. Rather than adding water, which increases unwanted permeability and subsequent spalling, we add carefully measured and specific quantities of valuable chemicals to increase and improve flow, workability, finish, and setting time.

Concrete Additive Chemicals

NCL is proud to be a distributor of Chryso chemicals. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about and how to obtain:

  • High Range Water Reducers
  • Temperature Control (Set Time)
  • Air Entrainment
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Fibers

Lower Project Costs

Recent advances in concrete production technology in Europe and North America, using such excellent chemical additives as listed above, can significantly reduce projects costs by:

  • Faster and more efficient delivery and pumping of concrete
  • Less waste
  • Fewer man-hours in the placement and finishing of the concrete
  • Improved curing
  • Faster strength attainment for work progress
  • Less time rendering and repairing “honey-combing” after striking down the formwork

Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete is a viable paving alternative for driveways, patios and footpaths. At a minor incremental investment, it has the benefits of tremendous property curb appeal and will enhance your investment for many years.

(photo courtesy of Solomon Colours)

Please contact us for further details and availability of colours.

Stamped or Patterned Concrete

Why not stamp or pattern your concrete for a more appealing finish to driveways, patios and footpaths? It can be economic and far more durable than using conventional pavers. We have a series of molds available, and for added beauty, the concrete may be coloured too.

(photo courtesy of Solomon Colours)

Please contact us to discuss your special project needs and learn more about this appealing feature.

Pervious Concrete

A growing trend for architects and landscape designers is to use Pervious* concrete mixes for pavements and car parks in prestigious projects, because of the following features:

  • Has a superior appearance and is easier to drive and walk on, compared to grass-concrete blocks
  • Permits water to perculate down and through the concrete pad
  • Avoids surface puddles and hazardous risks in heavy downpours
  • Reduces surface run-off and drainage concerns, and
  • Maintains the subterranean water table, avoiding ground water depletion

Pervious concrete may be delivered by our ready-mix delivery trucks and is available in a choice of colours.

Pervious concrete is not suitable for surface imprinted, stamped or patterned applications.

Please contact us for project planning and pricing.

(*Pervious concrete is also known as porous, permeable, gap-graded and/or enhanced-porosity concrete).

(photo courtesy of Arch & Godfrey (Cayman) Ltd)

Impervious Concrete

Let us not forget the special applications where we require impervious concrete that is designed with integral water proofing additives to prevent water permeating through the concrete.

Concrete Solutions in Cayman

The use of Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF’s) is a growing trend in residential construction. The steady flow of concrete from a pump is the surest way to enable a proper consolidation within the ICF forms. At National Concrete, we design and supply the most suitable concrete mix that your job requires. We have a fully equipped laboratory combined with a sophisticated quality control programme. Our experts offer greater versatility than any of our competitors in Cayman. And a word of caution: do not increase ‘flow’ by just adding water – this can lead to severe building weaknesses.

Pumping offers a viable alternative when the ready-mix trucks cannot get close to the pour because of soft ground or restricted access. In difficult-to-reach areas, our pumping services are the most efficient way to get concrete where it’s needed. The scheduling of the concrete pumping equipment is done with our Customer Service Office as early as possible.