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How do I know that I’d be getting good concrete from you guys?

We use the best materials regionally available and finest quality chemical enhancers to produce the most superior concrete available on the Island – indeed across most of the Caribbean.

We are Cayman’s longest standing Members of North America’s bodies for quality concrete production and delivery: the ACI (American Institute of Concrete) and the NRMCA (National Ready Mixed Concrete Association); and we follow ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) procedures.

We frequently monitor quality through all aspects of production and take concrete samples to prove concrete strength characteristics; those records are kept and statistically evaluated to ensure standards.

We have supplied 80% of the Island’s concrete for over 25 years and completed all of the top quality buildings, such as the award winning Ritz Carlton Hotel, all of Camana Bay buildings, Watercolours, Health City (Shetty Hospital), the Government Administration Building, and recently the new Kimpton Hotel and Condo buildings.

Please review our website for much more information and assurance.

Can I order cement from you?

We are often asked whether we can deliver a truck of cement. Here in Cayman, customers from different countries use the term cement, when actually here we refer to the product as ready-mix concrete. We design, produce and deliver high quality ready-mix concrete.

If you are sure you need cement (for you to make simple mortar or it is easier for you to make very tiny quantities of basic concrete), it is available from National Cement and they will be very pleased to assist you. Phone: 949-2604

However, please call us if you need as little as a couple of cubic yards of concrete or grout, as we may provide a more cost effective and better quality solution than mixing it yourself.

What are your Regular Hours and do you work Overtime?

Regular Hours are 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday & Friday; 7:00 Am to 12:00 PM Saturday

Overtime is applicable, call for details

For special projects we work 24 hours a day using shift work patterns

What do you generally suggest for required concrete strengths?

To follow the Engineer’s or Architect’s specifications

Otherwise, generally speaking for footings and block holes between 2,500 and 3,000 psi

Slabs and driveways 3,000 and 3,500

Beams, columns and walls 3,500 to 4,000

ICF Walls (insulated foam blocks) smaller 3/8” stone, 4,000 psi and HRWR high range water reducer chemical additive

How fast can the concrete be delivered?

That usually depends on how fast the contractor can correctly place the delivered concrete, but typically we find most contractors take concrete at 30 to 40 cubic yards per hour.

Our three production plants can produce concrete at a combined rate of 450 cubic yards per hour; however delivery rates depend on trucking and contractor’s placement which reduces that maximum theoretical rate.

In 2013, we supplied a regional record of 1,200 cubic yards in a single over-night pour at 150 cubic yards per hour.  Now that we have three plants, for major projects we can deliver at over 200 yards per hour when required.

Can you come out to measure and give advice?

Yes, we would be happy to do so. The sooner, the better

Let us set an appointment.

Generally, how much time do I need in advance to place my order?

One day in advance for concrete deliveries and for pump possibly 2 days, however, we always try to fit you in to our schedule whenever possible.

What are your Prices for Concrete & Products:

Please see our extensive list of products and our Price Schedule.

And note that we offer volume and time discounts.

Are there any Additional Charges?

There is the short load charge of $45 for less than 3 cubic yards.

For long hauls, $45 per load to destinations past Frank Sound.

Is there a surcharge for delay in taking the concrete?

After the first 60 minutes on site, which is free of surcharge, there is a charge of $60 per hour for waiting

The Prices seem high compared to other countries. Can I get concrete cheaper?

Our prices are not cheap and are higher than other countries because all materials are expensive to ship here; our population and scale of production is smaller than in major North American or European cities, so we do not have economies of scale; and we do not compromise on product quality or service.

Cayman requires high quality concrete.  Cheap concrete does not survive Cayman conditions.  Cheap concrete has a much shorter life span.  Good contractors know this and insist on our concrete.  We build to last.

And please remember the time-honoured saying “you get what you pay for”.

How much time do we have to place the Concrete before it sets?

Generally we produce our concrete for placement within approximately 3 hours after batching, which usually permits sufficient time.  We can design a concrete mix for required longer setting periods.

What happens when concrete begins to set or we reject the concrete?

Concrete that exceeds the specified setting time must be rejected.  If the cause is National Concrete’s, there is no charge to the customer.  When the rejection is caused by the customer, the associated costs are the customer’s responsibility.  However, we will try to assist the customer whenever possible when kept advised that the customer is experiencing problems.

What are the Payment Options?

Usually prepaid by cash or bank draft for first time customers

For established customers an account can be set up with our Accounts Staff

What are the dimensions, weights and reach of your vehicles and equipment?

Please see the specifications detailed in the website under Equipment

Quality Equipment

We provide a complete line of concrete delivery and placement equipment.

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Our dispatch office will schedule your pump and concrete delivery at the earliest.

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Our team has over 25 years of experience in supplying concrete.

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